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My favorite verses

Thursday 6/5 6:116 to 7: 67

Friday 6/6 7:68 to 8:40

My favorite ayahs in that reading was 7: 200 -201

"And if you are inclined to evil by an evil suggestion from shaytan, then seek refuge in Allah. truly he is Hearing, Knowing. Indeed those who guard themselves [for Allah]- when a passing impulse from shaytan touches them- bring [Allah] to remembrance, and at once they see things clearly."

I think that illustrates the point that shaytan is so clever with his invitations that we often can't tell without a doubt that what he is calling us to is haram. But we sort of know or sense it in our hearts. This ayah was saying to me, that if I even suspect it may be bogus, call on Allah and immediately I would have clarity. He doesn't push us, shaytan is a soft whisperer, a passing impulse touching us...Do we question or do we follow our impulses?
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