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My favorite verses

Thursday 6/5 6:116 to 7: 67

Friday 6/6 7:68 to 8:40

My favorite ayahs in that reading was 7: 200 -201

"And if you are inclined to evil by an evil suggestion from shaytan, then seek refuge in Allah. truly he is Hearing, Knowing. Indeed those who guard themselves [for Allah]- when a passing impulse from shaytan touches them- bring [Allah] to remembrance, and at once they see things clearly."

I think that illustrates the point that shaytan is so clever with his invitations that we often can't tell without a doubt that what he is calling us to is haram. But we sort of know or sense it in our hearts. This ayah was saying to me, that if I even suspect it may be bogus, call on Allah and immediately I would have clarity. He doesn't push us, shaytan is a soft whisperer, a passing impulse touching us...Do we question or do we follow our impulses?

Arabic numerals

In the meantime, there is a digital Quran online that can help you figure out what page you are on since it corresponds with the 604 paged Quran. Here's the link:

Clink "Enter" and then you can virtually change the pages by the click of a mouse! It's really quite cool. If you do not read Arabic numerals, they are listed below with their English equivalent. Use them to figure out what page and verse number you are in the Arabic Quran.

Arabic Numbers

Arabic numbers

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