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ASGAtech's Quran program review, free for some Nokia phones

Asgatech mobile Quran program first screenshot

ASGAtech is the name of the company that made this program. It is a cell phone Quran program that is actually usable. Even though I wouldn't say the company's name is.

This Quran program has style and speed, with a background that is easy on the eyes and a border that looks like a real Quran's.

After opening the program and seeing the welcome screen (pictured above), the list of Surahs opens. It is maneuverable up and down and sideways.

There are 5 font sizes, from 13 to 17. Below is a shot of the 17 setting on my phone, which is quite clear and sleek looking but doesn't show much text:

Asgatech mobile Quran program second screenshot

And here is the 13 setting:
Asgatech mobile Quran program third screenshot

Font size 15 has the balance between size and amount of visible text for me:

Asgatech mobile Quran program fourth screenshot

The text's 'harakat' are in red, though in a few chapters I found that they were in black. Probably a programming mistake.

Nokia offers a 191 megabyte recitation with it. I haven't used the recitation feature so I can't tell you if it doesn't cause minor ear damage due to bad quality.

According to the publisher's website the program's Quran text has been authenticated by the Azhar Academy and they are showing this document to prove it. It costs 20 euros on ASGAtech's website but Nokia is offering it for free on their Ramadan "microsite". Micro as opposed to what?

You can also find other Islam-related material on Nokia's place, like an Azkar program and a Hajj and Umrah guide, plus some phone wallpapers.

If you are Muslim, you are required to read Quran when there is time available to you:
Your Lord knows how you stay up close to two thirds of the night [in prayer and Quran recitation], half of it, and even a third of it; and [so do) a group of those who are with you. God measures out both night and daylight; He knows that you (all) will never count them up, so He has relented towards you.

Read whatever seems feasible from the Qur'an. He knows that some of you may be ill while others are out travelling around the earth seeking God's bounty, and still others are fighting for God's sake. So read any of it that seems feasible, and keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax, and advance God a handsome loan. Anything good you send on ahead for yourselves, you will find [later on] with God; it is better and more important as earnings.

Seek forgiveness from God;
God will be Forgiving, Merciful.
[Surah 73 (Al-Muzzammil): Ayah 20)