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Gary Miller, the Muslim Daa'ee

It was about two years ago when, as I was browsing the web, I came across a book called "The Amazing Quran". I read the book and it contained some valuable arguments. I noticed the writer to be a certain Gary Miller. A long time passed and I remembered this book I had downloaded so I went to see the name of the writer (as I had forgotten it) so as to get more materials from him.

I found a page dedicated to this man on an abandoned website which hosted some lectures given by him and the page ensured not exaggerating about him. What I found out, mainly from his own lectures, was that this man was a convert. One nice thing about him was the fact that he didn't like to give an emotional story of how he became a Muslim. He is (or was) a mathematician and a logician. From what I learned about him in his own lectures was that he was a professor of mathematics and he had intended to take a year off from university to go around the world and give lectures about Islaam. After his conversion, he was also known as 'Abdul-Ahad 'Umar.

He was born a Christian and, according to what he says, even propagated Christianity in his life and had worked with various sects of Christianity. The reason for his conversion, he says, was what he had understood from the Bible. He repeatedly says in a number of his lectures that when he found out about Islaam, he said "this is what I've been saying for the past number of years". He had studied Islaam for quite sometime and had become a Muslim.

Since the time I found those lectures of him, I searched for him extensively a number of times spending hours to find out what had happened to this man, but with no results. All I found were Islaamic websites hosting either his "The Amazing Quran" or "A Concise Reply to Christianity" along with an emotional conversion story created for him. The only website giving some straight information about him was the website I mentioned above. It tells you not to search for this man because he is not participating in these activities anymore. This certain website itself seems to have been last updated on June the 16th, 2007. I sent an e-mail to the address on the website but with no reply. Another page that seems to be talking about him describes him as a professor of mathematics at the University of Victoria and that he likes building "his own telescopes and watches the stars from Metchosin outside Victoria". But no mention of Islaam is made.

I guess it doesn't really matter now what happened to him, rather what is left of lectures from him are beneficial. I admit that he says some things about Islaam and makes some claims of numerical miracles of the Qur'aan which are not all correct, and there is no need to believe those things. However, the information he gives about Christianity and the Bible, and the logical arguments that he offers are really of value. I enjoy listening to his lectures over and over.

There are also transcripts of his lectures on some websites and I wouldn't mind reading those but it is always better to listen to what he says in audio format lest there should be a mistake in the transcripts. The following link takes you to the webpage I mentioned earlier, and the audio files are available for download at the bottom of the page:

One of the lectures, given by him and Ahmad Deedat, is also available in video format on YouTube divided into eighteen segments beginning from here.

If you know something about this man that you think is not likely to be available on the web you are welcome to share.