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Don't be the man on the street

"The Muslims who created Islam's success in Madinah had heard Islam's call and entered it. They had purified their intentions for it, and had become vigilant guards defending it from its enemies. They weren't just excited mobs; people today's media calls "the man on the street".

The man on the street is someone whose features are indistinguishable, who doesn't have independent opinions, and who lacks a stable intellectual or spiritual direction.

Or he is the Im'Ah (yes-men, i.e. people of unquestioning obedience) that the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) mentions in his saying;

Don't be Im'Ah, people who say; "If people do good, so will we. And if they do evil, so will we". Rather, keep your integrity and do not transgress whether people do good or bad. [Reported by Turmudhi]
The man on the street is the person whose mind the media creates by its various broadcasting outlets. And later, it asks him for his opinion, an opinion that was created by the media in the first place.

Islam cannot be helped by this person. Islam's success comes from people who give themselves up for its cause, whose intentions are purely directly toward Allah."
-Written by Muhammad Qutb in his book, Kaifa Nad'un Nasa.