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Look up a word in 5 of the best Arabic language dictionaries using one box

I have been using for months as my main tool for looking up Arabic words. It looks up words in these dictionaries: Lisaan Al-Arab (لسان العرب), Maqayees Al-Lugha (مقاييس اللغة), As-Sahah Fil Lugha (الصحاح في اللغة), Al-Qamoos Al-Muheet (القاموس المحيط) and Al-'Abab Az-Zakhir (العباب الزاخر).

Arabic dictionaries work differently from English ones. They need getting used to. It is normal to get a 50-page result by searching for a single word. Most complex words do not have their own entries. If you want to find the meaning of the word Mahmood, you'll find it explained in the entry for Hamd, which is the base word. makes a good job of highlighting the search word, making Arabic word lookup easier than ever.

One thing I like about Arabic dictionaries (except for the Munjid dictionary that was written by Christians) is that they refer to the Holy Quran and the Sunnah in most of their entries. This is not due to religious bias. The Quran's writing defines good Arabic writing. Arabic linguists have considered the Quran their reference point since linguistics became a science, which I heard happened a century after revelation.

One of the amazing things about is that the user can type in Latin characters (i.e. use an English keyboard). The box will suggest the Arabic spelling. For example writing ilm returns a suggestion for the word 'علم' in Arabic.

It also has its own Arabic keyboard that the user can access by clicking the keyboard icon in the above picture.