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Sohrab's poem about the empty train of politics

I saw things on the face of Earth:

I saw a child, that was smelling the Moon.
I saw a door-less cage in which, brilliance was flapping its wings.
I saw a ladder on which, love ascended to the roof of heaven.
I saw a woman, who was pounding light in a mortar.
Lunch on their table was bread, was vegetables, was the distance of dew, was the hot bowl of affection.

I saw a lamb, that was eating a kite.
I saw a donkey, who understood hay.
In the meadow of 'advice' I saw a cow, satiated.

I saw a train, that was carrying brilliance.
I saw a train, that was carrying knowledge and so torrential it went.
I saw a train, that was carrying politics (and so empty it went.)
I saw a train, that was carrying seeds of lotus and the song of canaries.

And an air plane, which on that height of thousands of feet,
the soil through its windows was visible:
the topknot of hoopoes,
The spots on butterfly's wings,
The reflection of a frog in a pond

From The Footsteps of Water by Sohrab Sepehri, a Shi'i Muslim Iranian poet*. It is a reply to people who take life and facts too seriously. He calls for people to be humble and to respect and love nature.

*quranclub is a Sunni blog, but we respect and admire inspiration regardless of the source.