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Discover Islam CD

Discover Islam is a free collection of articles and audio lectures on Islaam with the content mainly aimed at non-Muslims and new Muslims. I see it to be effective as a Da'waah tool. The materials tackle the following subjects:

1) Belief in God
2) The truthfulness and the basics of Islaam
3) Women in Islaam
4) About the Qur'aan
5) Allaah and Creation
6) Muhammad and Jesus (salla Allaahu 'alayhymaa wa sallam)
7) How to become a Muslim
8) Materials for new Muslims
9) Many recitations of the Qur'aan
10) And more...

The speakers are mainly the recent Du''aat and speakers of Islaam such as Dr. Bilaal Philips, Dr. Zakir Naik, Ahmad Deedaat, 'Ali at-Tameemee, Yusuf Estes, and many others.

The download is a CD image (in .iso format) which is available as a torrent at Mininova. The official website itself has placed the torrent at Mininova so it is the official download. After you download it, you can either burn it onto a disk, or emulate it using a virtual disk drive (like Daemon Tools).

You can burn multiple copies of this and keep it in your bag or suitcase so that whenever you get into a Da'waah situation with somebody you can give them the disk so that inshaa'Allaah they will benefit from it. I am not suggesting it as the Da'waah disk but I see it to be beneficial for many new/non-Muslims.

Here is the download link (you need a torrent program like ĀµTorrent):