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If Everyone Were Just Like Me - A Muslim children's book

"In this book, four Muslim children from different parts of the world explore their personal strengths and weaknesses in rhythmic verse, with an underlying message of global diversity and tolerance. This beautiful picture book, written by an educator, is a treat for the entire family."

I designed the book's online store. But my involvment ended there, I make no profit from the books sold. I post this to give coverage to a book I like, and as a tribute to the author who is a good friend of mine:

Bayyinah K. Muhammad has spent most of her teenage and adult life teaching, both informally and as a licensed teacher in several public schools as well as private Islamic institutions. Muhammad is currently a lecturer at Eastern Michigan University in the College of Education, while obtaining her second Masters, this one being a Master of Fine Arts in educational theatre.

The lack of a significant body of literature representing Muslims has prompted her to write If Everyone Were Just Like Me, a children's book and Unveiled: Stories from the Lives of Muslim Women, a touring performance piece. Future works in progress are Nazeeh, another story for young readers and Homegrown Jewels, a guide to home school teaching for Muslim parents. Muhammad lives in Michigan, near her granddaughter and four of her six children.

You can order the book here.