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Original searchable Arabic text of the Quran in Microsoft Word format [Islamic books]

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This is an Arabic Quran in Microsoft Word (doc) format. It has been extracted from the seventh version of HARF IT Co.'s Arabic Quran program.

The text has been legally reviewed and approved by the Azhar Islamic university in Cairo (according to the program's website).

Microsoft Word's search capability is great in that whether you search for يتيم or يَتِيمْ, i.e. whether you put harakat or not, it will find your search term. However, when you use harakat, it will only find words that have the same exact ones. If you search for غّ (Ghayn with a shaddah), it won't find anything since that combination doesn't exist in the Quran.

The document has a table of contents at the beginning that you can use by holding Ctrl and clicking on the chapter you want.

Download it here.