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Today's Quranic word: 2. Bismi

Bismi stands for 'In the Name Of'. It is a structure made up of three elements:

Bi: With, by or in.

Ism: Name.

When bi is joined with ism, an i is removed:
Bi+ism=Bism (or you can say they share the i, but no Arabic grammar teacher will allow you to say that)

I (this is the sloped dash, or Kasrah, at the bottom left of the diagram): It stands for 'of'.

I have explained "In name of". But where is the 'the', like in 'In The Name of'?

It is embedded. When we say Bismillah, or In the Name of Allah, the word 'Name' becomes definite because we linked it to Allah. It is as if Name of Allah is a single entity, a noun. We can't say The Muhammad since Muhammad is already definite, in the same way, we can't say The Name of Allah (In Arabic that is).

The above paragraph might not make sense to you if the only language you know is English. All you need to know is that Arabic has more than one type of 'the', sometimes it is embedded in the structure.