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Wallace's paradox supports the Quran, human brains aren't products of evolution

I once wrote that Islam isn't against the evolution of animals and plants into others, only their evolution into humans. Alfred R. Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin who created his own theory of evolution without knowing about Darwin's, thought the same thing:
"A brain slightly larger than that of the gorilla would . . .fully have sufficed for the limited mental development of the savage [primitive human]; and we must therefore admit, that the large brain he actually possesses could never have been solely developed by any of those laws of evolution, whose essence is, that they lead to a degree of organization exactly proportionate to the wants of each species, never beyond those wants."

Wallace would never solve this paradox, and had to resort to divine intervention as an explanation. He believed that everything on the planet had evolved through natural selection and adaptation—apart from the human brain, that is, which could only have been created by a god. -From The Overflowing Brain by Torkel Klingberg.