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Islaam Up Your Computer

A nice computer or laptop should have at least 30-100 gigabytes of memory. With this amount of memory, people store media files, documents, pictures, and programs. Have you ever checked how much your "Qur`aan" folder (if you have one) uses of this memory? Compare it with your "Movies" or "Music" folders. Some results may cause fainting. But not to worry! There's always a way to brighten the day!

Watching a nice video of Shaykh Maahir leading taraaweeh may not be every one's Friday night plans, but hey, I'm not saying there's no other way to "Islaam up your computer".

Change the sound scheme! Click Start on the bottom left corner of the screen. Why are you shivering? I already told you what we're lightly click "Control Panel". Harshly click the "sounds" category, then find the sound scheme. Change everything. That's right, change everything. For exclamation, put a recording of you saying "Astaghfirullaah!". For start up, nothing's more peaceful than Shaykh Mishaari 'Efaasi reading Surah Ikhlaas. If you want to go far with this, then for "Critical Battery Alarm" put a recording of your best friend on a roller coaster shouting, "ALLAAH! SAVE ME! I PROMISE I'LL FAST EVERYDAY AND I'LL STOP TALKING TO MY GIRLFRIEND..." It always brings a chuckle to a soul in fear of Computer death.

Photo by Manuel Cernuda.