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One Step Closer To Khilaafah

Whenever people bring up the topic of khilaafah or 'one ummah', they usually loose the essence of the terms. All what they see is violence and bloodshed. A true khilaafah will never start this way. Here are some tips to pave the way:
  • Take out any type of arrogance or racism from your heart. Never look down upon a race.
  • Never keep stereotypes (i.e; Egyptians are wide, Pakistanis are stupid). Stereotypes keep mindsets that will never allow Muslims to peacefully embrace one another
  • Be open to other cultures
  • Never be too quick at correcting
  • If you've had many bad experiences with a lot of people from the same nationaity, never give up. New ones may open new doors to the culture you once thought was the worst on Earth
There is a lot more to this list. Feel free to add it in "Comments" and I'll add it in a new post.

One final advice:

Please invite a Muslim from a nationality (other than yours) over to your house for dinner or any other occasion. Whether you tell him or her you were told to do so by some internet maniac or whether you don't; that's up to you. Have a pleasant conversation on your two (or more) cultures. Complement things you have noticed are good about that culture. Let him or her know that you are brothers or sisters in Islam, and share your feelings about spreading general freindliness and openess among Muslims from nationalities.

Once that's done, come back here and let Quran Club know how it went!

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