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Study: Nobody knows what radical Islam actually is

Islamophobic press banner[qc: Detroit Muslim Examiner once wrote that the Radical Islam propaganda is a media campaign to outlaw all of Islam. This study supports that statement and shows how British media promotes stereotypes that make almost all Muslims easy targets for terrorism claims.]

"Mainstream media, which must find facts to report, struggles when few facts are available and security services may be slow to release information. The result is news coverage that ‘clusters’ different signs of radicalisation, often taken from eye witnesses who may be unreliable: “he suddenly grew a beard”, “she became much more religious”, “they always met after Friday prayers”. Since these ‘signs’ apply to large numbers of people, mainstream news coverage may inadvertently contribute to stereotyping, particularly of British Muslims."

"Dr Akil N Awan added, “The absence of rigorous academic study of causes and processes of radicalisation means that both journalists and news publics have been forced to appropriate the term with little understanding or interrogation of what it actually means. This of course can be enormously useful for governments, who can then employ this ostensibly self-explanatory term to explain the appeal of terrorism to young Muslim males, rather than address genuine structural causes or grievance.” "

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