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European halal may not be so halal after all

halal pepperoni chicken pizza signAccording to the Belgian halal federation, 60% of the halal products on sale are impure. “The bulk of the European halal market is in the hands of scoundrels who manipulate everything for their own interests,” Farid El Machaoud, chairman of the federation, told De Morgen.

According to El Machaoud you can get a ‘halal stamp’ without a thorough inspection, or it can be bought in France. He says that in practice it’s often against the rules and the people who write out the certificates are not Muslim and therefore not qualified.

In order to fight against the wild increase of incorrectly labeled products, European Association of Halal Certifiers was founded in Brussels February 24th.

Belgium: 60% of halal food ‘impure’ [Danish Muslim]

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