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Islam and gender: Men and women allowed to pursue knowledge in the same gathering

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The term 'gender-mixing' has negative connotations. It alerts the haram radars of most of us. But it can actually be halal if we follow Allah's Shari'ah during gatherings where it occurs.

How well Shariah is applied is up to the people who rule the institutions.

This subject came up in regards to the new university in Saudi that is called KAUST. I don't expect the university's officials to be serious about following Shari'ah. But they are using these rulings to justify their permitting gender mixing.

[Some of the most noted scholars in the Islamic world have added their voices of support this week to those of senior sheikhs in the Kingdom for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Earlier this month the Secretary General of the Board of Senior Ulema in Saudi Arabia spoke of Kaust as a “beacon of science and welfare for the entire world”, following another member of the board, Sheikh Abdullah Suleiman Al-Mane’e, who had earlier described the university as a step toward “the Islamic World recovering its leading role in science”.

In the last few days the head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Yousef Al-Qaradawi, put forward his views, and now the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Jum’ah, has given his backing.]

Gender mixing in pursuit of knowledge permissible in Shariah [The Islam Awareness Blog]