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Destroy Islam: How to

From the time of the Crusades, Christians have been thinking about ways to destroy Islam, and before that, the Jews of Madinah and the Pagans of Mecca.

The Creator and Owner of the universe has decided to make Islam victorious over everything that challenges it. Not necessarily through bloody wars, for God's methods are more elegant.

These clever plans could have worked, and Islam could have been destroyed, I assume, had God not preserved Islam. They have put their best minds at use, for almost a thousand years and five other centuries, yet their work bears no fruit.

The issue is that trying to destroy Islam is like being inside a video game and trying to destroy the person who is playing the game. We are all inside a universe that could be a simulation for all we know, and everything is completely run and maintained by God on God's system. All of the variables are in God's hands. God has infinite ways of causing a plan to fail, and usually these ways are hidden and not grand failures. It could be as simple as causing a person to forget an idea or thought, thus causing the plan to not even get created. And if it gets created, He could cause the child of the plan's leader to get sick, and in that way distract the leader from the plan, and cause it to lose steam and become discarded eventually. And so on.

We are all inside God's game. There is no way to beat the player that's playing us.

It's not just like God is the most powerful player. God is the only player. We are all being played. We have no more power than a sock puppet, any power we have is given by God and could be taken away in an instant, and when that happens, there is absolutely no way to gain it back, for who can we ask for help if God doesn't want us to be helped?
On March 18, 2004 RAND, the influential U.S. think tank, released a report to help ‘civilize’ Islam by effacing it and remaking it in the image of Western secularism. In the report, Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources, Strategies, Cheryl Benard writes, “Modernism, not traditionalism, is what worked for the West. This included the necessity to depart from, modify, and selectively ignore elements of the original religious doctrine.”
In order to “depart from, modify, and selectively ignore” elements of Islam, Benard suggests a simple strategy: label, divide, control. After labeling each group of Muslims, she suggests pitting one group against each other. Among other strategies, Benard suggests “encourag[ing] disagreements between traditionalists and fundamentalists,” and “discourag[ing] alliances between traditionalists and fundamentalists.”
Quote from Seeking Ilm.