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Indonesian earthquake times match Quranic verses

Indonesian EarthquakeEarthquake in Tassik at a time of 15:04. The Qur'an says...

"And We destroyed no township but there was a known decree for it."
[Qur'an 15:4]

Earthquake in Padang at a time of 17:16. The Qur'an says...

"And when We would destroy a township, We send commandment to its folk who live at ease, and afterward they commit abomination therein, and so the Word (of doom) hath effect for it, and we annihilate it with complete annihilation. "
[Qur'an 17:16]

Earthquake in Padang (again) at 17:58. The Qur'an says...

"There is not a township but We shall destroy it ere the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishment. That is set forth in the Book (of Our decrees)."
[Qur'an 17:58]

Earthquake in Jambi at 8:52. The Qur'an says...

"Their way is as the way of Pharaoh's folk and those before them; they disbelieved the revelations of Allah, and Allah took them in their sins. Lo! Allah is Strong, severe in punishment."
[Qur'an 8:52]

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