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Knowing Allaah at All Times

The Prophet (salla Allaahu 'alayhy wa sallam) said to ibn 'Abbaas (radia Allaahu 'anh):

تَعَرَّفْ إِلَى الله فِي الرَّخاءِ يّعْرِفْكَ فِي الشِّدَّةِ
"Know (i.e. remember) Allaah at times of ease (and abundance) and He will know (i.e. remember) you at times of hardship."*

This is a great advise from our beloved role model. It goes back to the issue of gratitude to Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa). Allaah gives us countless blessings but we forget them because we take them for granted. The ~100 trillion cells of our bodies are constantly working to keep us up and going with us virtually not even realizing it. We only need to take the advise of Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta'aalaa) of pondering over His creation to know that we really can't be grateful enough.

Let us know Allaah at all times, not just when a calamity strikes. Even a disbeliever can turn to Allaah when he sees himself hopeless. The true believer knows Allaah and is grateful to Him at all times. This is what the Prophet (salla Allaahu 'alayhy wa sallam) is teaching us here: Be grateful to Allaah and He will help you when you are in need.


* Reported (in this wording) by al-Haakim, Ahmad, at-Tabaraanee, al-Bayhaqee, 'Abd ibni Hameed, Abu Na'eem al-Asbahaanee, and al-Qudaa'ee and reported in other wordings (to the same effect) by ibn Abee Shayba, ibn Batta, and at-Tabaraanee. The Hadeeth is also graded Saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaanee in Dhilaal al-Jannah and Saheeh al-Jaami'.

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