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Modesty of a rose

Salamu Alaykoum my dear brothers and sisters!

As Muslimahs we are all familiar with what hijab is, it is an imperative to familiarise ourselves with it even more in order to understand the essence behind the modesty of a rose (every Muslimah is a rose). Hijab is not only limited to the covering of our hair, but the way we dress to cover our body.

The primary aim behind this post is to address the concerning issue of our Muslim sisters trying to adhere to the modern outlook on fashion. Many of our younger sisters are yet to learn the right way of hijab, however, what has shocked me is seeing many Muslim sisters on youtube doing hijab tutorials, of what would not be classified as hijab. It is such a controversial and somewhat taboo issue that not many people have the audacity to touch upon it, but I will . I feel it is very important and highly crucial for us to set a good example for our younger sisters who wish to wear hijab or are wearing it but not the right way.

I have chosen to share the image above as I feel it outlines the issue I am raising here. The way in which we can make a difference is through addressing our concerns on the net and advising our sisters in Islam, we all need to educate one another.

I would like to share my own personal experience with hijab. At the age of 10/11 I wore the hijab for the first time, however, due to peer pressure I started to hate it very much. I removed my hijab at the age of 12/13, I returned to my home country for vacation, on the last night of my vacation I had a dream about Muhammad (saaw). I shall not describe the dream as I feel it is an emotional connection between me and Allah (swt). Nevertheless, in the morning I woke up and could not keep my tears from falling, all my family were still asleep and I made it a mission to go to the shop and buy a hijab. I felt like I needed to cover up, I had got a message from Allah (swt) what else would be more convincing?

My dear sisters hijab is our modesty, every one of us is a modest rose. When they say Islam oppresses women they do not realise that Islam protects us, in fact we all know that Islam is the only religion that appreciates women in every single way. Allah (swt) loves us, so let us shine as modest roses forever and always Insha'Allah.

Jazak'Allahuma Khairan for taking the time to read this post.