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My Heart's Sorrows

Birds sunset faraway mountains trees green

The sorrow in my heart will remain,
A7zaan Qalby Laa Tazool 
 أحـزان قلبـي لا تـزول

Until I am given the glad tidings of acceptance (into Jannah),
7aatah Ubashir Bil Qabool
حتـى أبشـر بالقـبـول

Till I behold my book of deeds in the right,
Wa’Araa Kitaabee Bil Yameen
وأرى كتابـي باليمـيـن
and my eyes are cooled by the sight of the messenger
Wa TiKiroo 3aynee Bil Rasool
وتقـر عينـي بالرسـول

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