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Sheikhul Azhar Tantawi says he didn't insult the niqabi girl

[Note: We at QuranClub do not endorse Tantawi's views nor do we support him. This post is to encourage our readers to question stories that come from big media.]
قال شيخ الجامع الأزهر الدكتور محمد سيد طنطاوي إنه يحترم النقاب ولم يسئ لامرأة منتقبة وما أكثر السيدات اللائي يذهبن إلى مكتبه سعياً لقضاء حوائجهن، لكنه أكد أن النقاب عادة وليس عبادة وفي الوقت نفسه لا اعتراض له عليه.
ونفى شيخ الأزهر ما نُشر فى بعض الصحف أنه قال لتلميذة فى أحد المعاهد الأزهرية "امال لو كنتي حلوة شوية كنتي عملتي ايه"، مؤكدا كذلك أنه لم يقل "أنا أفهم في الدين أحسن منك ومن اللي خليفوكي".

Shaykh Tantanwi said he respects the niqab and that there’s no harm for niqaabis to come to his office in order to end this issue. He also confirmed that the niqab is a custom and not a form of worship (عبادة) and at the same time he stated he has no objection to it.

He denied what was published in some newspapers which quoted him saying to a pupil in an azhari school “if you were even a little beautiful you wouldn’t be wearing this”. He also denied saying that he knows the religion better than you and your family to the pupil.

Tantawi, the Egyptian Azhar sheikh, says he didn't insult the niqabi girl [Detroit Muslim Examiner]