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What We Need To Focus On...

The history of warfare has changed drastically over time. In 650 BC, the hundreds or even thousand citizens of Greek city-states overthrew their tyrannos (Greek for ‘king’) with swords and spears. Gradually from spears, to arrows, to American Revolution-styled rifles, by the year 1944, some World War Two armies had more than a million troops with weapons like advanced machine guns and chemical and gas bombs. What about today? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, none of that shiz is important anymore. Now it is a battle of minds.

We should be more concerned about what is in the hearts and minds of Muslims rather than what happens on the battlefield” – ‘Aalim ‘Anwar Al-Awlaki

That’s right, brothers and sisters. Where does it all turn back to? It’s about what Muslims think about one another. Do Muslims take other Muslims as enemies and care only about their own nationality? Or do they, out of confusion, delusion, and despicable extremism, wish to kill innocent women and children, much similarly to what they claim their enemies do?

Our beloved harmonic Prophet (May peace and harmony be upon him) once said,

Khayrul ‘umoori awsatihaa” which can be roughly translated as “It is better to lead a balanced life(this translation was also used by chairperson Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Principal of Shifa College of Medicine, in the 2nd annual Islaamic conference of Shifa Medical College, Islamabad)

A balanced life? That’s right. Don’t run around commanding people not to believe the media, and on the other extreme, don’t argue that Islam should be ‘modernized’ or ‘industrialized’.

If you feel you want to do something about the state of the ummah, you don’t have to do something life-threatening. Starting from your own home or local Masaajid, amend broken hearts and get rid of the hatred Muslims have with one another. When Ibraaheem (Peace be upon him) realized that Nimrood was ready to argue and had tons of excuses in a matter as clear as life and death, Ibraaheem (PBUH) decided to come to even more common grounds, i.e. the power of controlling the sun (Surah Baqarah [2], Ayah [258]). Yet since we don’t have the hikmah (level of wisdom) of Prophet Ibrahim, what’s better is that we should build on what we have.

The Sufi (who the Salafi believes is deviant) and the Salafi (who the Sufi believes is arrogant) should be able to sit together and drink a cup of tea, knowing that they have each other’s backs. During all the trouble both will face from Shayaateen or from kuffar –they will know that there’s always going to be someone standing there to help, and they’ll be able to say,

They can break my will no longer (meaning, The enemies can’t defeat me anymore)

(as found in Native Deen’s “I Am Not Afraid To Stand Alone”)

(Please Note: Qur`aan Club does not intentionally promote any of the specific ‘Ulamaa or Muslims mentioned and we only wished to quote from them. To listen to the lecture in which Brother ‘Anwar stated the above quote, please visit

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