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Blindly following traditions. Are we?

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I think it is good for us Muslims to challenge traditions, because not all of them come from Islam. It is common among Muslim cultures to think that their way of doing things is the Islamic way, when in reality it isn't.
When I was little, my dad would go to the gas station and would fill his car up with gas. However, he would never fill up the tank more than half full. Finally, one day I had to ask him why he did it that way and he said it is the way that his father did it!

I have to admit, it still didn’t make much sense, so I decided to call my grandfather to ask him why he filled his gas tank up half way. The answer was that he had a hole in the gas tank. Furthermore, the gas tank would leak gas out if it was filled more than half way. Grandfather, had no idea why my dad would do it that way, when my dad’s gas tank didn’t have a hole in it and could be completely filled!

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