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Why does Allah test us?

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Something that bothers you during the day might actually be an opportunity. A chance for you to become a manifestation of Allah's greatness.
Why do you test someone or something?

To know the worth of the object or person. What do you do with a car when you test drive it? You want to see it’s worth – how well it runs.

But Allah – the one testing you - already knows your worth, so why does He test?

To show others your worth. He, subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows. He wants to show everyone else your worth, subhanAllah. It’s like He’s saying this is My slave, and see how he/she fulfills My tests?

When you think of the people Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala tested, who were they? Prophets were tested the most. Then those under them in ranks like the Sahabah, and those under them, and so on.

Who are these people? People whom Allah loves...

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