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Islamic manners: This guy needs to learn them

Today the Pope was assaulted by a woman. I thought it was funny, though I was concerned about the old man's bones.

And now this is what I see on an Islamic forum. It happens to be a good example of a Muslim who thinks he is doing work for Islam when in fact he is disobeying Allah (swt)'s commands:

Islamic forum post

It is possible that the poster is a non-Muslim troll who is pretending to be Muslim (there are large numbers of these roaming the internet). But assuming he is Muslim, here are a few things I'd like to point out (please keep in mind that I don't know much about the Pope, and I have no reason to defend him. These are general rules that apply to all non-Muslims):
  1. He called the Pope a monkey, when the Quran commands us not to insult people with nicknames: "Do not insult one another by using nicknames." [Holy Quran, 49:11]
  2. He called the Pope khabees (which means dirty, evil doer), whether the Pope is a good or evil man, our job is to forgive him and let Allah deal with him: "Tell those who believe to forgive those who do not long for Allah's days (i.e. disbelievers and faithless people who do not expect to be resurrected on the Day of Judgment), so He may reward a folk according to what it has earned." [Holy Quran, 45:14]
  3. He called their holiday "kufrmas", when the Quran commands us to be polite toward non-Muslims and refrain from judging them: "Invite [people] to your Lord's way with discretion and kindly instruction, and discuss [things] with them in the politest manner. Your Lord is quite Aware as to who has strayed from His path, just as He is quite Aware of those who have consented to be guided." [Holy Quran, 16:125]
  4. By whose authority is this forum poster calling the Pope the 'enemy of Allah'? The Quran teaches us that there are honorable Christians whose deeds Allah (swt) will accept, therefore this man could possibly be a friend of Allah (swt): "they are not [all] alike: some People of the Book form an upright community; they recite God's verses through the small hours of the night as they bow down on their knees. They believe in God and the Last Day; they command decency and forbid dishonor, and compete in doing good deeds. Those are honorable men; any good they do will never be denied them." [Holy Quran, 3:113]

Dear friends, please don't speak harshly about non-Muslims. It serves no one, and it only drives non-Muslims farther from Islam.