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Lament of the Quran

As an ornament do they adorn me,
Yet they keep me and sometimes kiss me.
In their celebrations they recite me,
In disputes they swear by me,
On shelves do they securely keep me
Till another celebration or dispute,
When they need me.

Yes, they read me and memorize me,
Yet only an ornament am I...
My message lies neglected,
My treasure untouched,
The field lies bare, where blossomed once true glory.
Wrong is the treatment I receive
So much to give I, but none is there to perceive.
Sisters, Brothers, how many books have you read in your lifetime? Many, I am sure.... Why is it then so hard for us to read The Book, the one written by our Creator, Allah the Almighty, the best Writer there will ever be? May Allah guide us towards the right path, the path of those who read the Quran and act on it. Ameen.