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QuranClub's Top Ten Posts in 2009

Allah's will
The most popular piece of content on QuranClub this year was the following video:

And here is the list of the top ten posts this year:
  1. Allah's will in real life situations [Video] [Shown above]
  2. The importance of the Quran [Video]
  3. How to love your wife as a Muslim [Video]
  4. Cartoon: Mayan calendar's mystery revealed
  5. The beauty of Allah's creation: 1000 Km long Australian clouds [Video]
  6. The best way to lose weight, according to Prophet Muhammad's advice
  7. Photo: Curious squirrel
  8. Beauty of Allah's creation: Marvelous cloud
  9. Allah (swt)'s non-humanness and baby shoes [Article]
  10. Beauty of Allah's creation: Are these flying boats?