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Why debating is not for us

Regarding the debate between Shi'is and Sunnis on whether Ali bin Abi Talib (raa) should have become the Caliph after Prophet Muhammad (saw) or Abu Bakir As-Siddiq (raa), Iraqi sociologist Dr. Ali Al-Wardi says:
وإني حين أقرأ مثل هذا الجدل الطويل يخيل لي أن هؤلاء المتجادلين لا يؤمنون بمجيء يوم يحاسب الله به عباده بعد الموت. فلو أنهم مؤمنون بهذا اليوم حقا لأجّلوا جدلهم إلى حين مجيئه، ولسلَّموا أمرهم إلى الله ليقضي بينهم بالحق.
When I read this kind of debate, I get the feeling that these people don't believe in a day after their death when Allah gives reckoning to His servants.

Because if they truly believed in the Day of Judgment, they would have delayed their debate until then, and they would have left the issue for Allah to decide between them. -From Dr. Al-Wardi's book, مهزلة العقل البشري (The Joke That We Call Human Intelligence).
This is the most intelligent statement I've read on this issue.

We should all be concerned about whether our daily journey is leading us to Paradise or Hell, instead of standing by the road arguing about things that have no benefit for us.

Just imagine how much more united Muslims would be if they stopped fighting over what happened centuries ago. It is an enormous act of disrespect toward Allah to refuse to unite for Him, and instead decide to divide because of the actions of His servants. Shouldn't Allah be more important to us?