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Definition of atheism

Funny definition of atheism

The following is an atheism-related polemic I wrote that currently doesn't have another home, for this reason for now at least it is staying on this page. Since you are interested in a definition of atheism, you may find it interesting:

No matter how smart an atheist thinks he is, there will always be someone smarter, and more knowledgeable, who believes in God[1]. Therefore why all the arrogance, and why all the self-congratulation when you realize that you with your IQ of 120 are smarter than a religious person with an IQ of 90?

If you look at the world's greatest men and women, the world's greatest achievers, you will find that none of them are atheists (people who identify with the fact that they don't identify with religious people's beliefs), whether they believe in God or not.

What I see is that low IQ people follow the doctrines of their society, whether it is love for God or hatred for him, or indifference. The fact that a lot of dull people are religious doesn't say anything about religion, it says a lot about dull people. They blindly follow whatever is given them. Higher IQ ones question the doctrine, and this is what, in decaying religious societies, leads some of them to become atheists. But those with even higher IQs are too smart to define themselves by what they have found to be false, they instead continue to look for the truth. Only a very near-sighted and arrogant people would define themselves by referring to what they are not. Atheists are proud of the fact that they are not theists, not realizing that the whole time they are parading the medallion of their lack of intelligence: Their incapacity to come up with better systems of life, instead being content with not following the most obviously false doctrines[2]. Great men create their own philosophies of the world, they go on their own journeys in search of truth, they don't stay at home and argue with people less intelligent than themselves to gain little bits of stimulation from the constant ego-inflation that feeling superior to others gains one.

Atheists are people who are smart enough to reject the shallowness of the masses, but dull enough not to see beyond them, instead being happy with not being part of the masses: all they know and hold onto dearly is the fact that they are smarter than the dullest of humanity.

Not believing in God, or the corrupted ideas about God that are believed in your society, doesn't make you dull. But being proud of not believing in God makes you so, because it shows a lack of intelligence or laziness on your part. Not believing in God because idiots believe in him is the same as not believing in scientific facts because idiots believe in them (idiots believe whatever they are told). You may now say, well it is all in the scientific books, just look, science is all rational and well reasoned! And I say, you fool, how often have you studied religious books written by people as intelligent as you or more intelligent? You only compare the words and creations of the most intelligent of humanity (whether theists or atheists), and you assign these to yourself[3], then you compare that to the beliefs and sayings of the dullest of the religious people, and you, in your arrogance and short-sightedness, think this is a fair comparison. Have you studied Ghazzali, Kierkegaarde, Aquinas, or Tolstoy, and found them to be lacking, or did you, like all those dull people you look down upon, content yourself with following what you are told to follow, which today is dislike for religion, without looking to verify anything on your own?

Don't be an atheist. Be you.

[1] It seems like most atheist brains lock up when facing this fact, due to an inherent or acquired incapacity to compute it.

[2] It is exactly like being proud of not believing that 1+1 equals 3. Here, have a prize.

[3] "I am science and so can you!" is the attitude of every accomplishment-free, mob-following atheist you meet on the internet, thinking that parading his rejection for God puts him in the company of great men, men too intelligent and sophisticated to be atheists.