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Guess Who's Doing Tawwaaf

Nothing was unusual that day, except maybe the extra clouds and cool breeze. It was 'Asr time and I got myself quite a sick spot in the first row. I still couldn't believe it was time for Salaatul 'Asr because the amount of my sweat wished to differ. For those of you who ever visited Makkah and prayed in Masjid Al-Haraam, we all know how the heat is absolutely unavoidable. Unfortunately, for some people it's unbearable, and then we (the people of Makkah and outlining boroughs) hear occasional yelps and barks from the depths of the hotels—angry fathers to their perky children, grouchy grandpas to gaudy grandchildren — actually, I'm exaggerating... Please feel free to not get shocked when Qur`aan Club's newest post is "We've Fired Bin Muhammad"

To find out who I saw, click here.

Last time it was the President of Sudan with his entourage. Shout out your guesses in the comment box and see if you guess the lucky guest of Masjid Al-Haraam.