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Eliminating distractions

Narrated 'Uqba: I offered the 'Asr prayer behind the Prophet at Medina. When he had finished the prayer with Taslim, he got up hurriedly and went out by crossing the rows of the people to one of the dwellings of his wives. The people got scared at his speed . The Prophet came back and found the people surprised at his haste and said to them, "I remembered a piece of gold lying in my house and I did not like it to divert my attention from Allah's worship, so I have ordered it to be distributed (in charity)." [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 12, Number 810]

Why we shouldn't worry about Pastor Terry Jones and his likes

Note: This article was written before 9/11/2010.
Say: "If both humanity and jinn banded together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could never produce anything like it, even if they backed each other up." [The Quran, 17: 88]
A few days ago, I was watching the news when I saw a report about Pastor Terry Jones who is planning to burn the Qur'an on 9/11. At first, I got really sad and upset and I wanted to cry at the thought that the beautiful words of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala were going to be burnt. I wonder if Terry Jones ever read the Qur'an, and if he did, wasn't he at least touched by its beauty? The more I watched the report, the more disturbing it became. I found myself helpless in front of such a blatant insult and offense towards the Qur'an and the Muslims. But then, I got an epiphany.

This man could not burn the Qur'an. He can burn pieces of paper on which the
Qur'an is printed, but he certainly can not burn the Qur'an. Because the Quran is preserved in al-lawh al-mahfuz (The Preserved Tablet):

21. Nay; but this is a glorious Qur'an,
22. Inscribed on a well-guarded Tablet. [From Surah 85 of the Quran]
We have sent down the Reminder, and We will preserve it. [The Quran, 15: 9]
This is the promise from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Even if the whole world came together to corrupt it or destroy it, they wouldn't be able to. Let's rejoice brothers and sisters, man can not destroy the Qur'an. If we trust in Allah, which we should as Muslims, then there is nothing to worry about.

The Qur'an further states that:
It is nothing less than a message to all nations. [68:52]
Therefore, regardless of our attachment to this book, it doesn't belong to us. It was revealed to all of humanity, this pastor is burning his own book.

Let us then remember that the believers are those who believe in the Unseen and the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. If Allah allows this to happen, then alhamdulilah, because the words of Allah can not be extinguished by man.

And finally, the Qur’an says:
Therefore excuse them and proclaim, "Peace"; for they will soon come to know. [43:89]

Benefits of the National Burn A Koran Day

  1. Driving more people away from intolerant versions of Christianity.
  2. Generating even more interest in Islam. People will be interested in a book that they are told to burn. If I told you to burn W. Somerset Maugham's book, Moon and Sixpence, your first reaction will probably be to go to Google and see what the book is about. You may even end up reading it.
  3. Increasing the profits of companies that print the Quran.
Similar to what I suggested about Draw Prophet Muhammad Day, my suggestion about this event is this: do nothing about it.
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