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Arabic Quran optimized for the Kindle [Downloads]

For those who own Kindle devices and wish to read the Quran on it, here is a version that has worked well for me. I made the fonts big for better viewing, as you can see in the screenshot below [taken using alt+shift+g on the Kindle]. The size of the file is only 2 megabytes, therefore it should be pretty easy to save it and email it to the device.

Screenshot of the Arabic Quran file for the Kindle

Download link:

Arabic Quran for the Kindle [Ebook - PDF].

Technical notes
The file should work on the device without hassle. If you choose to email the file to your Kindle rather than transferring it directly from your computer, do NOT add the 'convert' statement to your email subject line. The file has to be transferred without conversion.

The Arabic text comes from Harf Information Technology, a Quran software company. The text has been verified and approved by Azhar University. There is a note [in Arabic] at the end of the PDF file regarding the file's origins and its verification process.

Different version

Screenshot of the Arabic Quran for the Kindle

If you'd like to read a version that looks more like an ordinary mushaf [pictured above], you can download the following version, taken from Please note that I haven't verified that authenticity of this version.

Download link:

Arabic Quran - Original format [Ebook - PDF].

You can choose to view it in landscape format to get bigger text.

Yet more versions

You may also try out the Kindle Quran versions at Quran Ebooks. I haven't personally verified their content, please feel free to share what you think of them in the comments.

Also check out Quran E-library which seems to have a large collection of Kindle-formatted versions of the Quran.