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Imam Ghazzali on rejecting science

The 20th century scholar Said Hawwa mentions in his book, Allah Jalla Jalaluhu:
ولقد قال الإمام الغزالي في كتابه (تهافت الفلاسفة) حاملاً على علماء الدين، المنكرين للحقائق العلمية، كمعرفة وقت الكسوف والخسوف وغيرها: (ومن ظن أن المناظرة في إبطال هذا من الدين، فقد جنى على الدين وضعف أمره؛ فإن هذه الأمور تقوم عليها براهين هندسية وحسابية لا تبقى معها ريبة، فمن يطلع عليها ويتحقق من أدلتها، ثم يقال له: إن هذا على خلاف الشرع، لم يسترب فيه، وإنما يستريب في الشرع، وضرر الشرع ممن ينصره لا بطريقه، أكثر من ضرره ممن يطعن فيه، وهو كما قيل: عدو عاقل خير من صديق جاهل).

Imam Ghazzali says in his book Tahafutul Falasifa (The Incoherence of the Philosophers), talking to the scholars of religion, those who deny scientific truths such as the knowledge of solar and lunar eclipse schedules and other facts:

"And anyone who thinks that it is a religious duty to debate and refute these scientific facts has committed a crime against religion and has weakened it, because these facts are based on geometrical and computational evidence in which there is no doubt; when someone acquires knowledge of these scientific facts and checks the validity of the evidence behind them, if he is told: these facts are in contradiction with religion, he is not going to doubt his scientific facts but rather he will doubt the religion [QuranClub's emphasis]. The damage done to religion by those who try to support it in misguided ways is larger than the damage done by those who slander it, it is as they say: a wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend."