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Small things

one of us know if we will ever do anything significant for the cause of Islam in our lifetime. It is impossible to know if we will ever attain the status of an 'alim, martyr, or parent. This is a strong motivation to do as many little things as possible on a daily basis with the time we have now. Little things that are easily accessible for all of us, that do not require money or a surplus of time, are abundant in Islam.

One can start with something as simple as wudu'. There are a number of merits surrounding the subject of ritual ablution. One of them is to go to bed in a fresh state of wudu'.[1]

Something small like this, done consistently, can help transform one's soul by chinking away at sloth, carelessness, and dirt -- both figuratively and literally.

[1] Sahih Bukhari, 1:247.