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Arrogance, blood and brains: How God prevents certain people from seeing His Signs

I will avert from My Signs those who consider themselves superior without any right, and if they see every Sign they will not believe in it, and if they see the path of reason they will not follow it, and if they see the path of error they will follow it; that is because they denied Our Signs and were oblivious of them. [7:146]

How does God accomplish this—how does He avert arrogant people from His signs? Human biology could be one of His methods.

Strong emotions blind rationality. A few weeks ago I read about a study in which the researchers found that when humans try to think of an idea that they strongly disagree with, their brains receive less blood where it matters, and this strongly diminishes their ability to think about the idea.

When humans are arrogant, and dislike the idea of God and that of submitting to Him, this dislike manifests itself in their bodies by causing a blood famine in their brains whenever they are reminded of God. Instead of thinking of God rationally, they fall into a state of great discomfort that blinds them, as God Himself describes it:

Thus whoever God wants to guide, He makes his chest relax and expand, ready to accept submission, and whoever He wants to render lost, He makes his chest narrow and distressed as if he is climbing into the sky... [6:125]

God has designed humans in a way that evil, arrogant people are prevented by their own bodies from appreciating God's existence. God put His will into the blueprint of all humans, and whenever humans deserve to be rendered lost, their bodies and minds, being extensions of God's will, make sure that it happens.

The more arrogant a person becomes, the harder it becomes for them to appreciate God's Signs, possibly due to a stronger emotional response against God, and thus a greater lack of blood in their brains when facing one of God's Signs. The classic example of this is the powerful Egyptian king Fir'aun, who refused to believe any of the miracles that Moses showed him...until the moment he lost all of his power. When God destroyed his ego, and his arrogance vanished, he could then see the truth:

So We brought the Children of Israel across the sea. Fir'aun and his troops pursued them arrogantly and aggressively. When he was about to drown, [Fir'aun] exclaimed, ‘I believe that there is no deity save Him in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am of those who surrender themselves to Him!’

Only now … when you have always been a rebel and a wrongdoer? [10:90-91]