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iSawab is an app that encourages you to do more good deeds

In April the creator of this app asked me if I could mention it on QuranClub. At first I thought QuranClub wouldn't be the right place. I had plans for a general-topics Islamic site that I thought would be a better home for it, but that plan is still in my head and nowhere else. For that reason, and since the app is about the Quranic concept of thawab (God's rewards for good deeds), I finally decided to write about the app here.

That app uses a points system to help you keep track of the reward-generating activities you do, such as Quran reading, reciting adhkaar, or visiting a sick person, and it also allows you to set goals and track your progress toward them. From the app's website:

iSawab is a culmination of years of thought regarding a motivation tool that will challenge and help today’s technology-minded person to practice his Islamic faith. Most people understand targets and have at some time determined what it would take to get there.

The iSawab App allows you to track the accumulation of your Sawab through an innovative points system against a self-imposed target. You can track your progress everyday, and look at increasing your reward through more opportunities than you would normally think about. Be aware of all the Sawab-bearing activities, Most of us need the reminder, and this app will do that for you.

The site answers a number of potential questions:

How does one use this App?

The app's concept is simple. Set yourself a target level (points) for a certain period of time, and track your deeds to meet the target. Points are assigned for each act, and you're able to track your performance on a daily basis.

How are the points awarded?

While the relative merits of each deed is with Allah, and Allah alone, this system tries to assign higher points for relatively more meritorious acts. You can set your own points per activity to challenge yourself to meet a particular target.

I haven't been able to test the app myself. If it succeeds in encouraging one to do more reward-bearing activities, I would say it is very much worth a try.

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