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Islam and pleasure

It is easy for the observant Muslim to feel guilty about enjoying the pleasures of this life. The Quran asks us to focus on the afterlife; our current life is short and we should use our time wisely—in preparation for what comes next. There are also many sects and ideologies, such as Sufism and Catholicism, that celebrate the denial of life's pleasures.

But Islam at its foundations has a radically different view of pleasure, best shown in the following verse from Sura al-A'raf:

Say [O Muhammad]: Who is it who has forbidden God's adornments that He has brought out from the earth for His servants, and the righteous pleasures that He bestows? Say [O Muhammad]: These are meant for those who have believed in this life, and in the next life, these will be for the believers only. Thus do We make the communications clear for a people who know. [7:32]

A believer should feel no guilt in the enjoyment of life, knowing that God has made life's pleasures specifically for his or her sake.