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Would Her Lover Say That?

When I say Muslims should love one another, you think "yes of course", but what does this love really mean?

Most Muslims feel free to criticize and ridicule their fellow Muslims, especially if they don't know them or "there isn't a chance" they would meet. Thus they make fun of Sami Yusuf's behavior in his videos or his voice. Or ridicule and abuse random Muslim girls and women for wearing tight clothes or showing too much skin or wearing too much make up.

They think there is no chance that they would ever meet that person, completely unaware of the life that awaits them, completely unable to think like a Muslim (with faith and awareness of the afterlife), yet they debase others for not being perfect Muslims or perfect human beings.

Whenever you are about to say, or even think, something about another Muslim, even if it is a random Muslim girl in a photo on the internet, first ask yourself "Would a lover say or think that of his/her beloved?". If not, and you still feel free to say it or think it, know that great shame awaits you in Paradise, and if you make it a habit, a lowly place there as well.

May Allah increase our awareness of our many faults so that we can keep correcting them, instead of going about judging others and saying and thinking things that only debase ourselves in this life and the next.

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