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A Good Life

Say: "O servants of Mine who have become faithful, have taqwa toward (protect yourselves from displeasing) your Lord and Sustainer. There will be in this life good for those who do good. And the earth of Allah is very expansive. Indeed those who are patient will be given their reward in full and beyond reckoning. [Quran 39:10 - Surat az-Zumar]
Allah SWT promises a good life in this world for those who believe in Him and do good. A good life doesn't mean a healthy and wealthy life. It means life in a state of peace, contentment and dignity.

After this Divine promise the verse immediately speaks about patience. Because faithand having taqwa is pretty good, but not enough for gaining the good life of this world. It is in the presence of the element of patience that, together with the elements of faith and taqwa, a good life blossoms. A good life that no evil or catastrophe of this world can harm or destroy. Faith protects it from spiritual emptiness, taqwa from errors that would lead to failure, and patience from submitting to tyrants, oppression and falsehoods.

I wish you a good life.