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Super High Quality (True PDF) Arabic Quran for Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad and Other Devices

This is a dream that has finally come true alhamdulillah. A vector-based PDF version or the Madinah Mushaf. Vector-based of True PDF means that a verse can be zoomed in infinitely without it losing quality/becoming blurry.
Here is part of a verse zoomed in on an Asus Transformer (10.1 inch screen):

A screenshot on a laptop:
Zoomed in a bit:

Download Links

Old (and my favorite) version

Download here [PDF - 140 megabytes - right click and choose "Save as..." to save on your computer]
This is the version shown in the screenshots above. The text is vector based, but the arabesque (decorations) are non-vector, thus when zoomed in they become blurry. I like this one because this mushaf is the one I've been used to reading all my life. The new one below is a different one, with different calligraphy and verse arrangements.

Newer version

Download here [PDF - 127 megabytes - right click and choose "Save as..." to save on your computer]
The newer version has cleaner text and vector-based border decorations, thus this one is even more "true" PDF than the above one. However as said above, it is not the mushaf that many people are used to. Here is a screenshot, maybe you will like it:

These PDF Mushaf files and this last screenshot were found on this [Arabic] website
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