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Is Paradise Only for Physical Pleasures in Islam?

I heard a university professor criticizing the Islamic Paradise for only being a place of physical pleasures and not having a space for intellectual activities.
He hadn't understood that the Islamic Paradise given to a person is a custom-made world dedicated to the one thus blessed. It is a world made for you, in which you are treated like royalty, in which you have the freedom to do what you love, for ever and ever, without fears, worries and distractions.
In Paradise all your physical needs are taken care of, to give you complete freedom to pursue your dreams.
How many gifted and talented people have wasted years of their lives to take care of irrelevant things like providing their daily meals? This is what Paradise is about; it removes these silly distractions, these millions of little things that in this world cause us grief and prevent us from doing what we love.
If you had the entire world to yourself what would you do with it? Paradise gives you this world. So that you may use your creativity and imagination to do everything, to create everything, to work on everything, that this world's shortcomings prevent you from.
Paradise is everything we wish this world to be. You want world peace? You want a loving family? Amazing friends? Is there a beautiful and sweet moment in your life that you often think of, when everything was just perfect, that you wish could have lasted forever? Paradise is about giving us these things, these moments, and making them last forever, and removing every possible difficulty and flaw.
There are video games I love that I wish I could play with good friends for a long, long time. Another wish I have is to read every (interesting) book ever written. Learn every programming language. Master all the sciences. And to spend an eternity in the Golden Country
, the place that Winston dreams of in Orwell's 1984. Paradise is about giving us these things, without the possibility of losing them. Every person's dreams come true, forever and for eternity.