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Islam and Homosexuality, Solutions for Homosexual Muslims

Anonymous question received on tumblr:
what do you think of homosexuality?
My answer, with minor edits:

Thank you for writing and may Allah bless you. I am not a religious scholar or scientist, yet I have seen so many incorrect and un-Islamic opinions given on this topic by Muslims that I feel it would be good to reply to your question. Modern research (read the essay The Role of Hypothalamus and Endocrine System in Sexuality by Swaab) suggests that some people are biologically predisposed to being attracted to their own sex. The same way that a man is biologically predisposed to being attracted to another man’s beautiful wife. In both cases the reaction is or might be biologically valid and natural.

But in both cases God has forbidden acting upon it, so if our goal is to please God then we wouldn’t fulfill desires that God doesn’t want us to fulfill. We trust God’s wisdom in forbidding certain things. This doesn’t mean that we think there is no good in these things, the Quran itself says that alcohol has various benefits, for example, yet it forbids it.

What should homosexual people do then? Every person is different, what works for someone may not work for another. God says “seek help through patience and prayer” (Surat al-Baqarah 2:45), this is the best prescription I can make. Seek knowledge, both religious and scientific, and be patient and sincere with God.

Some people are born without eyes, hands or legs. Some are born with conditions like X/Y gene mosaicism making them unable to identify fully as men or women. These are all part of the tests of life, with which God tests humans, both those with the conditions and those around them.

Not being able to see might be a bigger test than homosexuality. Yet we find blind people who love God and are patient and humble and accept what God has decided for them and who try to make the best of their lives by memorizing Quran and excelling in the fields of knowledge open to them.

A homosexual person too, through patience and sincerity, will be guided to a fulfilling and pious life inshAlllah. The God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in between is perfectly capable of solving a homosexual person's dilemma in a way acceptable to Him.