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The Makkah Towers: Are They Against Islam, and What Should Be Our Stance Regarding Them?

Comment received on tumblr:
That tower was built against Ka'ba, if you make researches, you can see
My answer:

Here is the thing, regardless of the intentions of the people behind this building, it is still one of the tallest buildings in the world with a super-massive LCD screen that constantly shows dhikr words, and above it there is one of the biggest pieces of calligraphy of the word "Allah".

It is the hand of God at work. People with questionable intentions creating things that glorify Him SWT. And this, in my opinion, is the proper way of thinking of this building and the famous mosques that contain incredible "waste" of money (for example Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque).

These buildings were made in the name of Allah. The real intentions of the people who made them is incredibly unimportant when you consider the greatness of the One who allowed it to be built, and who allowed it to be built in His name and in His glorification.

The Quran opposes the destruction of churches and monasteries, even though inside a church often Jesus is worshiped as a secondary deity. The reason is that these buildings, even though they have been corrupted, they still retain a relationship to Allah, and they were built in His name.

A beautiful cathedral, regardless of how you think of it and regardless of who built it, is still a sign of Allah's greatness and glorifies His name. So do these towers. You can say they were built by evil people, but these people are just the tools of Allah. Allah makes them tire themselves in holding His name high above the earth for their own selfish reasons, but Allah's goal is accomplished.

If you remove the humans and their intentions from it, what remains is the name of Allah high in the sky looking down on the Ka`ba. It is a beautiful spiritual experience to be by the Ka`ba and see His name up there, it is a reminder of who is King of this place.

So to me when people get hung up on who made this thing or why, they forget Allah's greatness. Allah is the King of the heavens and the earth, and it was He Who put His name there. Look at these buildings through the lens of Allah's greatness, and you will see that humans don't matter, it is almost like they don't exist. It is just Allah from beginning to the end. And then you can appreciate how these buildings are a beautiful sign of Allah's greatness.

UPDATE: Follow up comment received on tumblr:
Thanks a lot for replying me, but you say that building shows the Greatness of Allah, but The New Mecca Plan contains that building also to symbolise the greatness of so-called god of Babil : Sin.. And the crescent OVER the name of Allah symbolises only one part of that so-called god Sin.. Again thanks for replying :)
Are there any official records that say that this is what they meant by those symbols? No. A symbol's meaning depends on your interpretation of it, and if you make a bad interpretation, then the problem may be with you and not the symbol.

It is like people's speech. You can interpret it in good or bad ways. It is really just people who have nothing better to do who try to find bad interpretations for things when a good interpretation would work. The Quran commands against guesswork and thinking badly of others, saying  "some suspicion and guesswork is sin" (49:12).

A crescent is important in Islam because it signifies the beginning of the lunar month, which determines many important Islamic events. And the shape of the building is pretty normal in modern architecture. Why shouldn't we stop here instead of finding a bad interpretation for everything and doing guesswork that might be sinful?

If we find an ancient language in which the symbol ﷲ (Allah in Arabic) means the devil, does this mean we should throw away the symbol and that everyone who uses it is a bad person and devil-worshiper? Google "devil fork" and you will see how closely similar to the Allah symbol the pictures are.

And even assuming that bad things were meant by the symbolism of the buildings, there is nothing to stop Muslims from reclaiming the symbols for their own purposes and benefit. The Muslims were uncertain whether they should do the walk between Safaa and Marwa during Haj since it had become a symbol of idolatry before Islam. But Allah reclaimed it for Himself in the Quran and thus now it is a symbol of Islam.

Rather than looking at the buildings from the lens of evil, idle or misguided ancient people, look at them through the lens of Islam and you will see only beauty.