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The Holy Quran for the Kindle: Authentic Madinah Version

Holy Quran Madina Mushaf Cover

eBook Description

This is the Madinah Mushaf, handwritten by calligrapher Uthman Taha and published by the King Fahd Quran Complex in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Other names for this mushaf include the Uthmani Mushaf (in reference to the calligrapher) and the Tajweed Mushaf (due to the inclusion of detailed tajweed color coding). This is the mushaf that most of us are used to reading the Quran in. Kindle screenshots are provided below. Please note that the only way to get this on your Kindle is by copying the file into the device using the cable connection, it is too large to email to the device.

This PDF version was scanned by, and we obtained it from the Quran PDF Files section of's Quran Publishing Resources page. The file was modified by QuranClub to add a cover page and to remove about 50 pages of extra notes at the end of the book to reduce the file size.

Landscape mode Kindle screenshot

Portrait mode Kindle screenshot